The Outlander Experience

THE OUTLANDER EXPERIENCE 4 Day Tour Includes B&B for 3 nights, lunch and entry into all locations. £1500.00*

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Named after the mad king, George 111, And although you would expect to see him atop the large Doric column in the center of the square, you have in fact the very first monument to Sir Walter Scott, by Alexander Handyside Ritchie. This square formed part of the grid system we see today not only in Glasgow, but, in Edinburgh and of course all over the new world of the United States and Canada.
As we can see the most notable part of the square is in fact, The City Chambers, completed in 1888 flanked by the old Post Office building and the railway/Millennium hotel and facing it, what was formerly The Royal Bank of Scotland. We should not forget the Cenotaph, situated directly in front of the City Chambers and looking into the Square, erected by Earl Haig Fund, in 1922, to remember the Glaswegians who fell in the first world war.
Now how do we see this as part of our Journey? No, Not World War Z, although the square was adapted to look like Philadelphia for the movie, we are of course interested in Outlander.
People disappear all the time, the very opening of the Outlander and a very apt opening for our journey...with the exception, that we will bring you home with the memory of an experience that cannot be seen or felt anywhere else...You will be taken by cast members who have an inside knowledge of the show and that will be shared with you...with many other secrets and surprises along the way.
An experience that will last live with you forever.
You may be aware the square, or at least the rear of it on John Street, Season 1, Episode 7, was the setting for one of the many love scenes in the series where we had the proposal from Frank to Claire, which she lovingly accepted.
On a slightly funnier note, this is where fines are paid to the city by the poor unfortunates that find themselves at the mercy of traffic wardens and the like...
"People disappear all the time..." You will be taken by cast members who have an inside knowledge of the show and that will be shared with you, with many other secrets and surprises along the way. Nothing Strange about what you will remember...but it will live with you forever.
Today we are going on a tour of the most amazing sites that Outlander has to offer. We will be visiting a collection of the most dramatic, intense places that have left an impact on followers of the story. Injustice, love, family, laughter and fear, a whole gambit of emotions. The story and the journey continues.
The place where it all began, a dark figure watches Claire from a secret point in the street.... seen by Frank, the intrigue begins...From the 1940's and back, to witch burnings, hospitals and romantic railway good byes. We get a good idea of the kindness of Claire, the heroics of Jamie and the love that Frank has for his wife. She should have bought the vase.

This is our special extra day for our 4-day tour guests only. We have a very unique way for you all to experience what life would have been like for common folk at the time of Claire and Jamie. The museum is a living historical village giving you an insight to the real conditions of a highlander. The site has been recognised as being Scotland first open-air museum.

*Price is per person based on double/twin occupancy, a single occupancy supplement will apply.

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