Delve into the world of Outlander... Get lost in the past and forget about the future.

Our specialist tours will keep the spirit of Outlander alive, each Outlander tour is unique to characters and locations across Scotland. All our Outlander tours include admission fees, lunch, water and the all important Clan Tours goody bag.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and a member of our Clan will be in touch. We also offer private tours contact us to find out more.


The Outlander Experience

The Outlander Experience £1,500.00 pp

The Outlander Experience is the ultimate experience for all Outlander fans. Over the course of 4 days, you will visit many of the amazing locations featured from seasons 1,2,3 (and a sneaky peak at 4) Our story tellers will ignite the passion of the show and bring to life the pages from the book. See how people actually lived during the time of Outlander...from the 1700 up until the 1960's. Experience the day to day living of ordinary folk eking out a living from the land. The homes they lived in, tools they used and food they ate. This is the real Outlander. A way of life long gone but never forgotten, as you will never forget your 4 days with us on our Outlander adventure.. HASTE YE BACK...!!!


The Outlander Experience